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Blanchet Catholic School: Our Vision

Blanchet Catholic School will remain the best private school in the Mid Valley area by developing knowledgeable, ethical, spiritual and service-minded leaders for our society in a positive and safe college preparatory school environment.  Our mission and vision will guide our efforts as we implement the initiatives outlined in the Vision 20/20 Strategic Plan.

Preface to the Vision 20/20 Plan

Since its founding in 1995, Blanchet Catholic has always looked towards the future and has focused on continual improvement. This Vision 20/20 Plan outlines areas of focus for the next five years. This is a result of a year of planning by Blanchet’s Board of Directors, administration, faculty, staff and stakeholders.  More than 200 school community members helped identify the critical needs that, when addressed, will help Blanchet continue to build its legacy by advancing the education and formation of its students.

Executive Summary of Vision 20/20 Plan

  • Develop a Technology Super User Group to provide training, knowledge sharing, and advance best practices.
  • Implement bring your own device (BYOD) for students.
  • Implement 21st century learning strategies to enhance critical thinking, problem solving, and project based learning environment for Blanchet students.
Programs & Services
  • Evaluate and implement courses and processes to meet academic needs of students.
  • Continue to attract, retain and train quality staff, faculty, coaches and advisors.
  • Increase school spirit and co-curricular activities.
  • Provide additional instruction opportunities and resources for fine and performing arts.
catholic identity
  • Strengthen the Catholic identity of the Blanchet community.
  • Develop a comprehensive Christian Service Learning program for Blanchet students.
  • Ensure the integrity of Blanchet’s existing facility and equipment.
  • Provide for capital improvements to address increased facility use.
  • Develop the school’s outdoor athletic facilities.
  • Develop a utilization plan for Blanchet use of the East Salem Community Center.
  • Plan for replacement and service of vehicles and buses.
  • Complete a maintenance handbook.
  • To increase non-tuition revenue for Blanchet Catholic School
  • To develop and implement a Capital Campaign for the 20/20 Vision five year plan.
  • Reduce event expenses by purchasing items frequently rented.
  • Create inventory, electronic index and a comprehensive schedule for storing and managing Blanchet policies, guidelines and procedures.