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Course Information

Academic objectives in a college preparatory school depend heavily on work performed at school and at home. Homework for the Blanchet Catholic School student is not limited solely to written work; it also includes reading, studying, organizing notes into usable study form, and preparing for exams, projects, reports, presentations, etc. The purpose of homework is to reinforce material already taught and to foster habits of independent study. Daily homework is part of the Blanchet Catholic School experience.

Assignments vary, but homework is given daily. Good study skills are essential to academic success in both secondary school and college. Because such study skills and habits are developed and enhanced by regular homework, Blanchet Catholic School views homework as an important part of its educational program. The responsibility for homework is shared among faculty, students and parents, each having an important role to play in the development of good study skills and study habits.

Blanchet believes that education is most successful when what is taught at school is reinforced at home and what is taught at home is reinforced at school. We view parents as equal partners in their child's educational development.


High School Graduation Plan -





Blanchet Catholic School requires 26 credits for high school graduation. Included in the list below are all of the requirements for a high school diploma for the State of Oregon and, in addition, those specifically relating to the mission of Blanchet Catholic School. All students in grades 9 through 12 are required to complete 10 hours of community service for each year they attend Blanchet Catholic High School. High school courses taken as an 8th grader at Blanchet Catholic School may, under certain circumstances, be used to meet high school graduation requirements.

Religion: 4.0 credits                                                  Mathematics: 3.0 credits
Social Studies: 4.0 credits                                        English: 4.0 credits
Science: 3.0 credits                                                    Foreign Language: 2.0 credits
Computer Science: 1.0 credit                                  Physical Education: 1.0 credit                               
 1.0 credit                                                       Fine, Applied & Performing Arts: 1.0 credit        
Electives: 1.0 credits

  1. Students are required to take religion every semester that they attend Blanchet. Students transferring to Blanchet are required to earn religion credits only during their time at Blanchet.

  2. Students must complete three credits of math from Algebra I and beyond.

  3. Includes World History (1.0 credit), United States History (1.0 credit), American Government (0.5 credit), Economics (0.5 credit), Global Issues (0.5 credit), and Senior Seminar (0.5 credit).

  4. Must include at least two credits of lab science such as biology or chemistry.

  5. Two credits of the same foreign language.

  6. After the 2018-19 school year, students must complete one credit of computer science. The course is currently under review and should be available for the 2018-19 school year.


Grade 9
English - 1.0 credit
Health I/PE - 1.0 credit  
Mathematics - 1.0 credit
Physical Science* - 1.0 credit
Religion - 1.0 credit
Social Studies – World History - 1.0 credit 
Foreign Language - 1.0 credit 

*Freshmen who excel in science may take Biology in place of Physical Science

Grade 10
Biology* - 1.0 credit
English - 1.0 credit
Mathematics - 1.0 credit
Religion - 1.0 credit
Social Studies: American Government - 0.5 credit
Economics - 0.5 credit
Foreign Language - 1.0 credit
Health II/PE - 1.0 credit

*Students who have already taken Biology should take Chemistry I, Honors Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology

Grade 11
Chemistry I, Honors Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy -  1.0 credit
English – American Literature/Comp - 1.0 credit
Mathematics - 1.0 credit
Religion - 1.0 credit
U.S. History* - 1.0 credit
Computer Science** - 1.0 credit

*Juniors may take AP United States History in place of U.S. History **Graduation Requirement after the 2018-19 school year.

Grade 12
English - 1.0 credit
Religion - 1.0 credit
Social Studies: Global Issues - 0.5 credit 
Senior Seminar - 0.5 credit
Elective - 1.0 credit

Art 1 & 2
Chamber Orchestra
Concert Choir
Digital Media Production 
Digital Photo Imaging 1 & 2
Drama 1
Faith in Action (Spirituality Team)
French 1, 2, 3, 4
Lifetime Sports
Office Skills
Personal Fitness
Pottery 1 & 2
Spanish 1, 2, 3, 4
Teacher Aide
Weight Training
Wind Ensemble



Grade 6
Physical Education/Health
Science – Physical
Social Studies 

Grade 7
Physical Education/Health
Science - Life
Social Studies – World Geography

Grade 8
Physical Education/Health
Science - Earth
Social Studies – United States History

Mid-High Weight Training & Conditioning      Grade Level: 7-8
Exploring Art                                                        Grade Level: 7-8
Computer Applications                                      Grade Level: 7-8
Drama                                                                   Grade Level: 7-8
Seminar for Success                                           Grade Level: 7-8
French I                                                                 Grade Level: 8
Spanish I                                                               Grade Level: 8