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Blanchet Catholic School offers students of all ages and abilities the opportunity to compete in athletics. Our mission is to provide students with an athletic experience that develops life skills by cultivating moral, physical, intellectual and emotional growth. In support of the mission and goals of Blanchet Catholic School, our program strives to enhance the overall learning environment for student-athletes. The Cavaliers compete in the 3A Pac West Conference and are respected contenders. Blanchet offers teams at the mid-high, junior varsity, and varsity levels.  Go, Cavs!

Athletic Staff Directory


Tom Howard, Athletic Director             Jaclyn Becker, Assistant Athletic Director

Athletics Phone: 503-485-4490          Fax: 503-391-2639


Baseball - Varsity

Baseball - JV

Baseball - Mid High

Basketball (Boys) - Varsity

Basketball (Boys) - JV

Basketball (Boys) - JV2

Basketball (Boys) - 8th Grade

Basketball (Boys) - 6th/7th Grade

Basketball (Girls) - Varsity

Basketball (Girls) - JV

Basketball (Girls) - 8th Grade

Basketball (Girls) - 6th/7th Grade

Cross Country (Coed) - Varsity

Football - Varsity

Football - JV

Football - Mid High

Golf (Boys) - Varsity

Golf (Girls) - Varsity

Soccer (Boys) - Varsity

Soccer (Girls) - Varsity

Soccer (Coed) - Varsity

Softball - Varsity

Softball - Mid High

Swimming (Coed)- Varsity

Tennis (Boys) - Varsity

Tennis (Girls) - Varsity

Track & Field (Coed) - Varsity

Track & Field (Coed) - Mid High

Volleyball - Varsity

Volleyball - JV

Volleyball - 8th Grade

Volleyball - 6th/7th Grade


Dan Campbell

Trevor Burnell

Pete Gutierrez

Max Goodman

Ben Carey


Antonio Torres

Pete Gutierrez

Ron Hittner

Emily Cope

Lauren Kessel

Ron Miller

Jason Jacobson

Justin Hubbard

Max Goodman

David Shultz

Max Goodman

Maureen Smith

Robin Smith

Tina Pearson

Micki Halsey-Randall

Breana Brewer

Ron Miller

Marty Nanneman

Kevin FitzPatrick

Erwin Soto

Dave Mucken

Nick Kintz

Sherrie Bashaw

Boaz Blair

Jeff Halfman

Riker Kasamoto