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To be eligible to play a sport, you need to fill out a participation form, concussion waiver form, pay an activity fee, and have a physical. Physicals are good for 2 years; only 1 year for football. The first activity fee is $100 ($150 for high school football); second activity fee is $50. There is a per student cap of two activity fees and a family cap of four activity fees. Fees may be paid online. The above mentioned forms are available on theathletics form page or in the athletics office. Turn in your fee and forms to the athletic office to receive a blue clearance card and report to practice. The Athletic Department keeps the above listed forms for the full school year.  If a student participated in a sport earlier in the school year, it is not necessary to turn in the forms again.  

Students participating in athletics are required to be covered by medical insurance, either by a family plan or one that is available through Blanchet. Blanchet has selected the Student Insurance Plan from Student Insurance (choose Blanchet School from the choices) to make reliable coverage available to parents. Coverage may be purchased at any time during the school year.

Each team has their own web page. Here you can find rosters, schedules, coaches notes, information about the coaching staff, and much more. Web pages are updated daily or as new information is received. Sports are catagorized under high school and mid high teams. Under that heading, click on the athletic team in which you are interested.

When games have been cancelled or changed, the school’s calendar will be updated immediately. Check the team calendar prior to leaving for scheduled games to make sure you have the correct information.  Students are notified of the changes over the PA system during the school day. 

The OSAA website has individual web pages for each of its recognized activities. Visit the website and click on “Activities” in the top banner. Choose the activity you would like to know more about in the drop down menu and you will be directed to the individual activity web page. There you will find information for all of the class levels. Blanchet Catholic School is a class 3A school. You will find the playoff schedules and brackets under the 3A heading. Blanchet will also post playoff information on the team calendars. Each individual sport’s web page will be updated with information about locations, times, brackets, and teams. Check back often as playoff information changes daily.


Have more questions?
Questions may be directed to the Athletic Office by dialing 503-485-4490 or emailing