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Blanchet Catholic School's Visual Arts Department presents

The 2021 Visual Arts Showcase


The show is organized into four categories:
High School Pottery    |    High School Drawing & Painting    |    Exploring Art    |    6th Grade Art



Our jurors selected a first, second, and third place piece for each category, as well as Best in Show overall. 

BEST IN SHOW - Jacob Davis

See the other category winners by visiting the links below.
1st PLACE - Kyla Gorrono


2nd PLACE - Eliora Yamoah


3rd PLACE - Sarai Castillo


1st PLACE - Jacob Davis


2nd PLACE - Neil Smith


3rd PLACE - Mackenzie Thomas-Graves


1st PLACE - Ellie Martin-Lanzer


2nd PLACE - Kyla Deglow


3rd PLACE - Yaretzy Jabobo Hernandez


1st PLACE - Carly Wise


2nd PLACE - Hallie Beyer


3rd PLACE - Abagail Miller


3rd PLACE - Vivian Nguyen



Statement from Visual Arts Teacher Mary Heintzman

The Digital Art Show 2021 represents artwork from students who participated in a combination of fall Zoom sessions and in-class instruction in the spring.  Each student was given an “Art Kit”  of supplies to follow along at home on Zoom.  I set up a work station at school to live-stream instructions. 

In my drawing classes, my goal was to use “Elements of Art” and “Principle of Design” as an introduction or continuation of studying the elements along with learning how to use the different mediums and tools that were supplied to the students.  The students worked with pastels, oil pastel, charcoal, color pencils, watercolor pencils and watercolors throughout this year.  The students did an excellent job and their work shows it.  I felt it was important that they watch me demonstrate how to use each medium.  I also selected artist Wayne Theibaud’s work, including some of his food images, that I felt the students would enjoy doing while learning how to use several of different mediums.

In doing the monochromic “still life” in high school Drawing and Painting class, the students worked with charcoal.  They learned about value and form.  Then they were challenged with learning drapery before “Still Life with Fruit,” which incorporated cloth and drapery in their pieces.  Second semester, students worked with color pencil and learning about texture. They finished with learning about pen and ink with watercolors. 

In pottery,  the students had an “Art Kit” with a select number of tools and clay.  The items the students made were a touch smaller than usual, but the goal was learning how clay works and how to put clay pieces together as they created different forms in pottery. 
In looking back over the year and the challenges we all faced, I feel the students did a remarkable job and enjoyed learning new techniques.  I was very pleased with the effort the students made and am proud of what they were able to achieve.