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Consider helping out while staying in...

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We hope this finds you and your family well and making the best of this unprecedented time in history. Blanchet Catholic School is proud of how quickly it adapted its staff and resources to the digital learning platform in order to continue our mission of educating the whole student. However, we know this would not be possible without the prayers and support of the community we serve, and we are exceptionally proud of our students and parents who are enduring many challenges to minimize disruptions to daily life. 

When the Oregon shut-down began in mid-March, Blanchet was about to finish its “Complete the Dream” campaign and begin the annual Raffle, which would have raised more than $50,000 for operating expenses and tuition assistance. As these events are not going to happen right now, we must find other ways to finance our mission. 

Like many organizations, Blanchet has tightened its belt to ensure its finances can weather this set-back, and we feel our foundation is holding steady. While it’s true that over the last few weeks we have received an increasing number of calls asking for additional grace periods for tuition payments and fees, we have also received calls from people wanting to contribute financial support to our school. 

If you are in a position to do so right now, please consider how you can help out while staying in.   There are a number of options including joining the Archbishop Blanchet society, donating to the Complete the Dream campaign, donating all or a portion of your stimulus check, becoming an Anniversary Sustaining Donor and more!  Please prayerfully consider making a donation.

We know in this time many families are on tight budgets and are struggling with a lot of uncertainty. We pray for you and will help in any way we can. If you are not able to give financially, please: continue to pray for our community, like us on Facebook and Instagram, or tell a friend or neighbor about us and send them to

By Courage and Faith -

Bob Weber, President


Ways to help... 


Join Blanchet’s Archbishop Blanchet Society (ABS)
  • ABS donations help fund need-based tuition assistance.  ABS members pledge at least $5000 to Blanchet. Payments for a 5 year $5,000 pledge can be made monthly ($84), annually ($1,000) or quarterly ($250).  
  • Alumni ABS members pledge at least $1,500 over a five-year period.
Donate to close out the Complete the Dream campaign.

We are within 5% of our goal to help finish the multipurpose track and field, Wiegand and Stem Upgrade and Tuition Assistance.

Donate all or a portion of your stimulus check.
Become an Anniversary Sustaining Donor.

Set up recurring donations of $25 or more per month to Blanchet.

Make a one-time donation in honor of Blanchet’s 25th Anniversary.