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The Board of Directors, which meets monthly, has the overall authority to operate Blanchet Catholic School pursuant to Oregon laws and consistent with Blanchet Catholic School's status as a Catholic school. The Board established the by-laws and policies of the school and provides oversight to the President.

2017-18 Board of Directors

Executive Committee:

  • Kevin L. Mannix, Chair - Attorney
  • Lowell Smith, Vice-Chair - School Psychologist
  • John WIllburn, Treasurer - Vice President, Pioneer Trust Bank
  • Mark Chong, Secretary 
  • Jennifer Paul - Attorney
  • Krishna Namburi - CIO, Technology Department, City of Salem
  • Doug Weathers - Hop Farmer (Emeritus member)

Board Members:

  • Lorraine Anglemier - Legal Services, Oregon Dept of Public Safety/Standards & Training
  • Scott Cantonwine Jr. - Cascade Warehouse Company
  • Mark Chong
  • Dr. John Coen - Orthopedic Doctor/Surgeon
  • Loui Fromwiller 
  • Ron Hittner - Business Consultant
  • Chuck Lee - President Emeritus, Blanchet
  • Jeannie Ray-Timoney - Associate Superintendent, Archdiocese of Portland
  • Elizabeth Vargas Duncan - Executive Director, Oregon Municipal Electric Utilities Association 
  • John Willburn - Vice President, Pioneer Trust Bank
  • Bob Weber - President/Principal, Blanchet

President's Advisory Board

Blanchet Catholic School's President's Advisory Board members lend their name and experience to help foster the school's positive reputation in the community and state. Advisory Board members meet with President Bob Weber annually to discuss pertinent school issues and challenges. Members also make themselves available to offer advice, counsel and expertise when specific issues arise.

  • Gayle Caldarazzo-Doty, Business Executive
  • Donna Garaventa, Attorney at Law
  • Kevin Mannix, Attorney at Law
  • Patti Milne, Former Marion County Commissioner
  • Jim Monaghan, CEO - Gelco Corporation
  • The Most Reverend Kenneth Steiner, Retired Auxiliary Bishop of Portland
  • Lawrence Tokarski, CEO, Mountain West Investment Corp.
  • Joe Weston, President, Weston Investment Company
  • Dick Withnell, Withnell Motor Company
  • Blanchet Catholic School, which is the school itself;
  • Blanchet Catholic School Foundation, which holds the funds for designated scholarships as well as investment or endowment funds;
  • Blanchet Catholic School Property Foundation, which is the entity that owns the school campus property.

Each of these entities has its own Board of Directors, bylaws, and articles of incorporation, files annual reports with the Corporation Division of the State of Oregon and the Internal Revenue Service, and has an annual financial review of its books by an independent certified professional accountant.

Neither the Blanchet Catholic School Foundation nor the Blanchet Catholic School Property Foundation have any staff. Under their structure, Kevin Mannix serves as elected President of each of their boards. However, our operating corporation, with all of the school staff, is set up differently. Kevin Mannix is Chair of that board, but Bob Weber is the CEO and President. He is the actual administrator of the school operation.

These legal entities were set up separately to protect our assets and to guaranty solid, long-term prospects for the school.

The Blanchet Catholic School Board of Directors meets monthly to conduct business operating the school. The Boards of Directors for the two Foundations meet only once or twice a year.