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Blanchet's Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, which meets monthly, has the overall authority to operate Blanchet Catholic School pursuant to Oregon laws and consistent with Blanchet Catholic School's status as a Catholic school. The Board established the by-laws and policies of the school and provides oversight to the President.

  • Scott Cantonwine Jr., Treasurer (Cascade Warehouse Company)
  • Steve Duch (Contractor)
  • Loui Fromwiller, Board Chair (Blanchet Parent)
  • Ron Hittner (Business Consultant)
  • Nicole Kennedy, Secretary (Blanchet Parent)
  • Kevin L. Mannix (Attorney)
  • Krishna Namburi, Vice-Chair (CIO of Technology Department, City of Salem)
  • Lena Prine (Legislative Assistant)
  • Parke Raffensperger (President of RootX)
  • Rick Schindler (Publisher)
  • Lowell Smith (School Psychologist)
  • Sarah Wort (Business owner)
  • Ex-Officio Members:
    • Bob Weber—President
    • Robin Smith—Principal
    • Blanchet Student Body President
  • Emeritus Member
    • Doug Weathers (Hop Farmer)
    • Dr. John Coen (Orthopedic Doctor/Surgeon)