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A Passion for Sport

25th Annual Benefit Auction A Success!


Blanchet Mid-High - The Cav Way

March 17, 2022
By Toni Nanneman

The Cav Way is Blanchet’s mid-high character program that was developed by administrators, staff members, and teachers last summer. This program encourages students to be mindful of themselves and others as they are moving through their days. It unifies our mid-high student body and inspires us toward common goals as we are intentional with words and actions that benefit the common good. The Cav Way is summarized in five character traits: RESPECT, CITIZENSHIP, INTEGRITY, RESPONSIBILITY, and GRIT.

In gratitude, we have been celebrating their efforts and successes with varying recognitions throughout the semester, the most common form being The Cav Way STAMP CARD. As of the end of the first semester, our mid-high student body has redeemed 760 stamp cards. This translates to an additional 7,600 positive interactions between students and staff members! We recently celebrated with a relaunch of The Cav Way that recognized the students’ efforts and successes, followed by the viewing of the PG movie, Wonder. Go Cavs!