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Bus transportation to/from school is available on school days from the Salem-Keizer Catholic parishes.

  • St. Joseph bus stops on the Chemeketa Street side of the church after school on regular school days.  It stops on the Center Street side in the mornings and after school on half days.
  • Students are asked to be at the pick up locations five minutes prior to the departure times listed.
  • Students taking the bus after school should line up in Blanchet's Mid-High commons by the West double doors for the Queen of Peace bus or the East double doors for the St. Edwards, St. Joseph, and St. Vincent bus.

COVID Protocol
Students and Bus drivers are required to wear a face covering. The bus driver will do a visual scan of all the students and provide sanitizer for all passengers on the bus to use as they board. Those presenting COVID symptoms will be isolated and follow our isolation protocol and be placed in a seat two empty seats away from other students. Once they arrive at school they will be located in our isolation station.  All students will sit one person to a seat and keep social distance when lining up to enter or exit the bus.