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A Passion for Sport


Coaching Highlight - Ron Miller

June 30, 2022
By Jaclyn Becker

Ron Miller began coaching in 1976 in the Southern Oregon University football program. He was previously a football player there and it was a natural progression for him since he loved to be involved in sports. Even after being drafted into the military, he still found time to coach pee-wee football and little league baseball.

“Each season when the weather changes, your internal clock says it’s time for this sport…I always played 3 sports, and I like to see them end, but I love to see them begin and I always look forward to the next one.”

Mr. Miller started at Blanchet in 1996 and he has coached baseball, volleyball, basketball, and softball. There are some years when he coached 3 seasons straight, volleyball, basketball, and softball. He admits that softball has been his favorite sport to coach because of its accessibility for all levels, new and seasoned players alike.

“To me, it seems the best sport for getting everyone involved at the level they are at. It’s not so much about winning, but finding a place where they can play and be successful and feel good about what they are doing.”

He also believes that the best part of coaching is seeing the progression from a beginner to a seasoned player. Primarily coaching mid-high for the last 20 years Mr. Miller has had a huge impact on our young athletes as many experience sports for the first time in 6th grade.

“It’s fun to see them grow and develop…building that confidence of learning.”

(June 10, 2022 -Mr. Miller stands with some of the student-athletes he has coached) 

Mr. Miller served as Athletic Director at Blanchet in 1995 and again from 1998 to 2014. In 2014 he also received the Oregon Athletic Directors Association award for Athletic Director of the Year for the 3A classification. As a mentor to student-athletes and other coaches, he offers this advice for new coaches:

“Never stop learning new ways to communicate with athletes. The game doesn’t necessarily change but how you have to present it to them does…and be able to meet the kids where they are at.”

“Be willing to admit mistakes and ask for forgiveness from the players. Setting a good example is important and we all make mistakes…being accountable is important…but sometimes you make a bad choice and that's okay…move on.”

This year at the Cavalier Coaches BBQ  we were able to honor the following coaches for their service and dedication to our Blanchet athletic programs.  We are thankful to Coach Miller and all of our coaches for their commitment to the improvement of our student-athletes! Go, Cavs!

Matt Burrill - 5 Years of Coaching
Steve Duch - 5 Years of Coaching
Corina Moore - 5 Years of Coaching
Justin Hubbard - 10 Years of Coaching
Michael Trevino - 15 Years of Coaching
Ron Miller - 25 Years of Coaching


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