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BUDDIES stands for Building Unity Despite Differences In Every Student.  Our BUDDIES groups help students, faculty, and staff to intentionally build a more unified community of faith and people of courage. Reflecting our school motto “By Courage and Faith,” Blanchet BUDDIES promotes tolerance and encourages students and staff to embrace diversity. BUDDIES communities meet once a month to discuss various topics including: appreciating differences; integrity; compassion; and creating a positive environment. Meeting topics are also intertwined with school-wide activities that promote awareness of the needs of society. 

Many times people are in conflict with one another because they have simply forgotten the threads that connect us. We hope that the BUDDIES Program serves as a reminder of our connections so that we can promote peace and acceptance throughout our entire community.   We hope that all who enter our doors — students, staff, parents, and visitors — will find themselves better for having been here. We hope not to be just a school, but a way of life.


To develop and assist students, faculty, and staff to become a more unified community of faith and people of courage.


We are not just a school; We are a way of life.


I am part of a collective effort working toward a common vision and mission at Blanchet Catholic School. My individual and unique contribution is valuable. My ability to be accepting and not judge others based on their differences is imperative. I will continually dedicate myself, through courage and faith, to fulfill my role to better society, to lead with inspiration, to bring hope, and to serve.