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The Blanchet Catholic School community benefits from the experience of a number of international students who study at Blanchet each year, as well as an ongoing sister-school relationship with Shukutoku Yono High School in Japan. Each year several high school students from Japan attend Blanchet. They live with host families and become fully integrated into the community and involved in school activities.  These students apply to attend Blanchet through our agent Portland ETC.  Blanchet also hosts year-long international students from Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, China and Thailand.  These international students apply to attend Blanchet through our agent ELCI.

AEEA Year Long Host Program

We encourage Blanchet families to consider hosting one of our international students for the school year. Our international student home stays are coordinated through the American Education & Exchange Association (AEEA) in Monmouth, OR. A stipend to cover expenses is available.

An Introduction to Hosting
AEEA Brochure
Host Family Application

Portland ETC Year Long and Weekend Stay Programs

Year Long Stay

The Shukutoku 1 Year program has been in existence for 25 years!  Students study in Oregon for one year and then return to Shukutoku to graduate. Students arrive in early August for orientation and a week of camp before meeting up with their host families in mid-August. Students attend 2 weeks of ESL classes before school starts. It's important to note that these 1 Year students do not return to Japan during the school year. They are with host families for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring break. At the end of June, they have a short trip to Seattle and then head back to Japan on June 30. We are always in need of good host families throughout the school year; stipends are available. If you are interested, please read the program information packet for more information. Please complete and return an application as soon as possible.

Weekend Stay

Each September, Japanese girls from our sister school visit for a weekend. The students from Shukutoku Yono (an all-girls’ school) are welcomed with a special assembly that features entertainment by our Japanese visitors and Blanchet students.

Host families are needed for this cultural experience; stipends are available.   For more information contact Development Manager, Mrs. Nanneman.