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Blanchet Hall of Fame!

The purpose of the Hall of Fame is to honor and preserve the memory of those alumni who have gone on to significant success in life as well as other individuals who have made outstanding contributions to Blanchet Catholic School.

To nominate someone to be considered for the next Hall of Fame class, please fill in the information below as completely as possible.  We may need to contact you for additional information.

Nominations will be accepted through December 18, 2020


Criteria for selection includes...

  • Secondary and post-secondary achievements, professional or lifetime accomplishments, recommendations, and community involvement.  While high school performance is important, it is not solely determinative.  The committee will give consideration to those who successfully unite noteworthy accomplishments in school and life and represent Blanchet's core values.
  • Alumni nominees must have graduated from Blanchet Catholic School in 2009 or earlier before consideration as a candidate for induction into the Hall of Fame.
  • A candidate, who is not an alumnus, must be an individual (i.e. teacher, administrator, coach, advisor, staff, benefactor,  or volunteer) who through personal endeavor, leadership, and /or sacrifice over a period of years, has made an extraordinary contribution to Blanchet Catholic School.
  • Employees will first be considered as candidates three (3) years after ending service with Blanchet.