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  • Grandparents and Special Guest Day

    Thank you to all the grandparents and special guests who came to visit Blanchet the other day. We hope you had a wonderful time. Thank you also to those who spoke and performed at the assembly. It was a great day!

  • Derek Imig Named National Assistant Coach of the Year

    Congratulations to Derek Imig who has been named the National High School Assistant Coach of the Year by the WBCA! 
    "The WBCA Assistant Coach of the Year award is presented to one associate head coach or assistant coach in each membership division who demonstrates commitment to their program, their student-athletes and their head coach; their impact coaching on court; their mentorship and impact on other coaches; and their professional manner and attitude." Congratulations Derek! We are grateful to have you as a coach here at Blanchet!

  • Caitlin Read recognized by Salem Optimist

    Congratulations to Blanchet senior Caitlin Read for being recognized today by the Optimist Club of Salem or Youth FND for most involved in community affairs! Caitlin is a good student and stays involed with many Blanchet clubs including FOB, Spirituality and Campus Ambassador teams. Outside of school she spends her time volunteering for the Willamette Humane Society and has logged over 725 volunteering for them over the last five years! Way to go Caitlin!

  • Nikhil Namburi Accomplishes Rare Academic Achievement

    Blanchet Catholic School is proud to announce that junior, Nikhil Namburi, has accomplished rare academic achievements that rank him in the top .1% students in the country. He earned perfect scores of 1520/1520 on the 2017 PSAT, 36/36 on the ACT and a near perfect score of 1570/1600 on the SAT.

    Namburi’s PSAT accomplishment qualifies him to become a National Merit Scholarship finalist, a prestigious designation that less than 1% of the 1.6 million students who take the test earn.  Since 1998, twenty-nine Blanchet students have been recognized by the National Merit Scholarship organization, eleven as finalists. This special accomplishment is just the latest in Nikhil’s outstanding academic achievements, which also includes maintaining a weighted GPA of 4.2. Nikhil attributes much of his academic success to his 5th grade teacher at Sonshine School, Ms. Tanya Benson.

    Nikhil is a well-rounded student who is active in a variety of activities including, Salem Chamber of Commerce Leadership Youth, DECA, Science Olympiad, student council, basketball, golf and Students for Change, a Blanchet service club a couple of other students and he started in 2016. Most recently, he was elected by his peers throughout Oregon to be the 2018-19 Oregon DECA Student Marketing Association President.  He will be attending the DECA International Career Development Conference in Atlanta, GA this April to compete in one of his qualifying events and attend leadership workshops to prepare for his new role as Oregon DECA’s President.

    As special as Namburi’s accomplishments are, they have not come without some challenges.  When he was four years old, it was discovered that he had a cyst on his brain and had to go through emergency surgery  to alleviate dangerous swelling and constriction of spinal fluid flow to and from his brain. Initially, the prognosis regarding his academic and physical outcomes was uncertain.  He still endures chronic fatigue and headaches due to this condition, but through proper medical interventions and family and community support, Nikhil has learned to manage the residual symptoms.

    Looking ahead to senior year, Nikhil will soon begin the process of university visits and applications as he starts making goals for his life after high school graduation, which he thinks will include studying computer science with an emphasis on artificial intelligence.  “Nikhil is a great kid--super organized and energetic,” said Dean of Students, Mr. Robin Smith. Nikhil’s teachers, friends and family truly celebrate this exciting time with him and we look forward to watching him enter his final year at Blanchet as a strong leader and role model in our school and community.


  • Rios Advances to State Geographic Bee

    Congratulations to Jose Rios (7th grade) for qualifying to compete in the state level competition of the National Geographic Bee. The Oregon State Bee will be held on Friday, April 6, 2018.

    One champion from each state and territory will advance to the National Geographic Bee Championship, which will be held May 20-23 at the National Geographic Society headquarters in Washington, D.C.

    Good luck, Jose! We're proud of you!




  • Cavaliers Perform Well At State Tournament
  • Vote RJ Veliz for Statesman Athlete of the Week

    Cavalier Fans, please vote for RJ Veliz for Statesman Athlete of the Week!

    The junior point guard averaged 18.7 points and 4.7 assists per game and was a first-team all-3A state tournament selection after leading the Cavaliers to the third-place finish.


  • Blanchet Receives Epping Grant

    This past week Blanchet Catholic School received confirmation of a $325,000 grant from the Epping Family Foundation. For more than 20 years, the Epping Family Foundation has played a significant role in the success of Blanchet by supporting facility upgrades, such as the new security door system, various academic and co-curricular programs, and investing in the development of our STEM program.

    The annual grants provided by the Epping Family Foundation demonstrate their commitment to the continued success of Blanchet and are critical to the continued growth of our entire program. This year’s grant will have an immediate impact on Blanchet for the upcoming 2018-19 school year.

    Here are some of the items covered by this grant:

    • Creation of a MAKERSPACE - a Makerspace is a designated classroom on campus that will be dedicated to computer technology and computer science classes. Included in this classroom will be new computers, 3D printers, and other technology that will allow our students to explore and develop their interest and skills through classes, clubs, and other programs.
    • Additional support of STEM activities - these funds will help our school offer new courses in 2018-19 such as Intro to Engineering, AP Statistics, Business/Marketing, and computer programming classes. In addition, the funding will support the expansion of our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program at the high school level and help provide essential equipment and professional development for our staff.
    • Improved equipment in the Wiegand - This funding will have an immediate impact on the quality of the sound and lighting systems in our auditorium. In addition, plans are being made to renovate the storage areas offstage.
    • Facility renovations - over the summer, we will continue with our recent efforts of maintenance for both the roof and the parking lot.

    We are grateful for the continued support by the Epping Family Foundation and excited to see how these funds positively impact our school community.

    Additional information about these items will be shared with our community as it becomes available in the coming months.


  • Blanchet 5th Annual Mid High Science Fair Results

    Congratulations to all the Mid High Students who participated in our Science Fair. Your hard work was obvious and many judges commented about it being some of the best work ever! 10 students are moving on to the Regional Science Fair at U of O on Saturday, they are Brooke Foresee, Brooklyn Buchheit, Adrian Bui Aji, Braedan Duffy, Kyle Fromwiller, Konstance Albright, Ellie Fromwiller, Tanveer Singh , Rieve Randall, Max Quintero, and Denavea Randall. Please keep them in your prayers and best of luck to them all!

    5th Annual Blanchet Middle High Science Fair Full Results:

    8th Grade Outdoor Learning Environment

    • Aqua Plant s- Adrian Bayu Aji, Braeden Duffy,Seb Ramos (1st place)
    • Cool Cover Crops - Renee Porter, Sam Schindler, Ben Miramon (2nd place)
    • Solar Water Heaters - Aiden Ayres, Brooklyn Buchheit, Brooke Foresee (3rd place)
    • The Aftermath: Effects of Ash on Water - Kyle Fromwiller and James Patrick (Honorable Mention)

    7th Grade Chemistry/Earth Science

    • Ice C You C - Spencer Kowalski (1st place)
    • Don't Chill - Jose Rios Ortiz (2nd place)
    • Feel the Burn - Neha Srinivasan (3rd place)
    • Kool Mentos - Daniel Maza (Honorable Mention)

    7th Grade Engineering

    • How Colors Add Up - Lily Anderson (1st place)
    • Take a Bow - Konstance Albright (2nd place)
    • Bottle Rocket Blast Off- Milo Kingsley (3rd place)

    7th Grade Physical Science

    • Oh Chute - Matthew Ilg (1st place)
    • Float or Don't - Gabriel Lemus (2nd place)

    7th Grade Life Science

    • Quack , Cluck, Chicken,Duck? - Ellie Fromwiller (1st place)
    • Color and Text - Emily Palacios (2nd place)
    • Don't Sweat it - Kyla Gorrono (3rd place)
    • Electric Electro-lite - Evan McKane (Honorable Mention)

    6th Grade Chemistry

    • Water Types and pH - Raquelle Hendrix (1st place)
    • Burn Baby Burn - Connor Coleman (2nd place)
    • Quick Fizz - Claire Raffensperger (3rd place)
    • Let it Glow -Tanveer Singh (Honorable Mention)

    6th Grade Engineering

    • Winging It - Ben Alley (1st place)
    • Water Turbine - Rafael Rodriguez (2nd place)
    • EM vs PM - Holden Prine (3rd place)
    • Go Bot Go - Joshlyn Nguyen (Honorable Mention)

    6th Grade Life Science

    • Green Machine - Carter Mucken (1st place)
    • Sweet Heat - Mya Mucken (2nd place)
    • Heat to Eat - Denavae Randall (3rd place)
    • Growing Gray - Vic Villegas (Honorable Mention)

    6th Grade Physical Science

    • Fruity Fuel - Rieve Randall (1st place)
    • Speed of Silence - (2nd place)
    • Whirly Weight - Audrey Day (3rd place)
    • Balloon Powered Car - Ethan Nicoloff (Honorable Mention)


  • Sam Hoskins wins 2 Scholastic Art Gold Keys

    Congratulations to junior Sam Hoskins who received two Scholastic Art Gold Keys for his two paintings in the 2017 Willamette Valley Scholastic Art Awards. His paintings “Calm Before the Storm” and “The Watchsmith” will be at LaSells Stewart Center Auditorium, Oregon State University, Corvallis from March 2 to March 29, 2017.



  • Blanchet Swim Team Does Well at Districts

    Congratulations to our Swim Team who participated in the District finals this last weekend. The Boys took 4th place overall and the girls 5th! We have two boys and two girls relay teams heading to state as well as three students who will swim in individual events! We wish them all the best!


  • Blanchet students attending National Youth Leadership Forum

    Blanchet juniors Tyler Pearson and Logan Abbott are attending the National Youth Leadership forum Engineering and Technology at the University of California, Berkeley this June.

    Over eight days on campus of a top-ranked engineering school, high school students will be exposed to a vast array of engineering professions. Students will have hands-on experience with state-of-the-art technology and even apply their new found skills to assist with achieving some of the sustainable development goals set forth by the United Nations.

    Students will have a unique opportunity to gain broad exposure to the Aerospace, Biomedical, Civil and Mechanical engineering fields, as well as a more in-depth experience with the top two fields of their choice. During the program, long Capstone Impact Challenge, which was designed in collaboration with a team of professionals, they will apply engineering skills and creativity to help solve real-world problems.

    Both are excited to attend this program and see what engineering opportunities are available for the future careers. Congrats Tyler and Logan!


  • 4.0 Presidents Lunch Today at Geppetto's

    Congratulations to our students who earned a 4.0 grade point for fall semester! They have been named to the President's Honor Roll and we're treated to a lunch today at Geppetto's Italian Restaurant! Delicious food and a good time was had by all!

  • Learning Potentials & Muscle Contraction

    Mrs. Wise turns her classroom into a neuromuscular junction! Students learn about action potentials and muscle contraction in the presence of calcium!

  • Students Learning CPR

    Mrs. Pearson's health class is certifying our students 9-12 grade in American Red Cross FA/CPR/AED.

  • Speaker Kevin Ashworth Speaks to Students about Anxiety

    Blanchet and Regis students met today for a presentation from Kevin Ashworth, co-founder of the NW Anxiety Institute. Kevin's talk focused on helping students understand what anxiety is, the difference between stress and anxiety disorders, and the serious impact it can have on ones life. He also highlighted the harmful effects of avoidance and distraction based coping methods that can maintain anxiety and make it worse. Additionally, Kevin discussed the impact devices and social media can have on ones self-esteem, ability to concentrate, and chronic anxiety.

  • Alumni Jake Handran Speaks at Catholic Schools Week Mass

    Continuing with our celebration of Catholic Schools Week, today we celebrated mass with Fr. John Arcidiacono. We also had a special guest speaker, Jake Handran (Class of '14) who spoke to the students about how he values his Catholic education and how it has formed the man he is today. We are so proud and thankful for Jake and know that his faith and optimistic, joyful nature will serve him well.

  • Blanchet Career Day - Jan 30, 2018

    Today we celebrated Career Day at Blanchet! With the help of the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce we hosted over 40 speakers who came to speak to our high school students about their careers; including 7 Blanchet alumni! Our opening keynote speaker was Blanchet alumni Jared Houck ('05) who is an ER physician at Salem Hospital and our closing keynote speaker was Curt Arthur, a local commercial real estate director and Chamber Board President. It's a great day to be a Cavalier!

  • Celebrating Catholic Schools Week

    This week we will be celebrating National Catholic Schools Week with a variety of activities and  events for both students and parents.  

    Here are the details for these activities:

    Tuesday, January 30 - Career Day

    Career Day is an annual event which provides a great chance for our students to hear from local professionals about a wide variety of careers and opportunities beyond Blanchet.  The event will begin at 8:15 a.m. as our entire student body will attend the keynote address provided by Dr. Jared Houck (Blanchet Class of 2005).  Dr. Houck will talk about his time at Blanchet and his career path since graduation that has led him back to his current position as an ER Physician at Salem Hospital.  After the keynote address, the high school students will attend four sessions to hear from different professionals.  Earlier in the year, our students were surveyed about which careers they are most interested in and we have worked with the Salem Chamber of Commerce to provide speakers in these fields. This year we are excited to have several speakers who have ties to Blanchet including alums, parents of alumni, and former employees.  Career Day concludes at 11:55, and students will have a regular schedule for lunch and afternoon classes.

    After the keynote address, the middle school students (grades 6-8) will head out on their field trip to see, “The Greatest Showman”, a biographical movie about P.T. Barnum that ties in well with our school’s “Called 2 B” theme for the year.  The middle school students will return to school for lunch and afternoon classes after their field trip. Permission slips for this field trip will be coming home this week and are due back to the school by Monday, January 29.  

    Wednesday, January 31 - Catholic Schools Week Liturgy

    Fr. John Arcidiacono from St. Joseph Church will be here to celebrate Mass with our students at 9:45 a.m.  During the Mass we will be celebrating Catholic Schools Week and have a guest speaker who will talk about their experience in Catholic education.

    Thursday, February 1 - Kevin Ashworth Presentation

    The entire Blanchet student body will attend a presentation on Thursday, February 1 from Kevin Ashworth, co-founder of the NW Anxiety Institute. Kevin, has presented at several Catholic schools in Portland, will give a 50-minute talk that will focus on helping students understand what anxiety is, the difference between stress and anxiety disorders, and the serious impact it can have on ones life. He will also highlight the harmful effects of avoidance and distraction based coping methods that can maintain anxiety and make it worse. Additionally, Kevin will discuss the impact devices and social media can have on ones self-esteem, ability to concentrate, and chronic anxiety. This presentation will be held at the East Salem Community Center beginning at 11:00 a.m.Students from St. Mary’s and Regis Catholic School in Salem will be attending this event as well.  

  • Blanchet Invitational Swim Meet - Jan 27, 2018

    The Blanchet swim team held their annual Invitational at the The Salvation Army Kroc Community Center Salem pool this last Saturday! The Cavalier's did well competing against five other teams; Silverton, Scappoose, Taft, Toldeo and Molalla! The Lady Cavs tooks 2nd place overall and the men took 4th! Thanks also to the wonderful parent volunteers who helped make the event run so smoothly!

  • 2018 Food Drive a SUCCESS!

    Thank you to all of the students, families, faculty and staff who participated in our successful food drive for Marion Polk Food Share! We exceed our goal and collected over 3800 items! Today the high school student council members delivered everything!

  • 8th Grade Family Fun Night

    8th Grade Family Fun Night was a success! We enjoyed a mac n cheese bar, salad bar and ice cream sundae bar and played a very energetic game of bunco! Thanks to everyone who came out to play and those who helped with setup and clean up!

  • Happy Feast of the Immaculate Conception

    Happy Feast of the Immaculate Conception! Thank you to the Blanchet orchestra and choir for providing such beautiful music at Mass today.