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Blanchet DECA 2024 Exceeds Expectations

February 22, 2024
By Mark Risen

WOW! What a three-day adventure our DECA chapter had at the DECA State Championships last weekend!

We opened up the championships on Sunday by being recognized as the fastest-growing chapter in the state with more new members than anyone, and having an astonishing 51% of our high school student body participating in DECA! Oregon DECA also recognized our record-breaking attendance at SCDC. It was very exciting to see the student's enthusiasm and appreciation for their hard work right from the start!

Monday included role-play events and competition time! Dressed to impress, charm, and show off that Cavalier swag, our kiddos headed off to the many large ballroom venues to prep, think, strategize, and then face their judges! It was fun to see them return to our CAVS Lounge and tell their stories of their experiences, the strategies they employed, which judges scared them, and which ones they felt they connected with!

After a day of tough competition, we gathered for our chapter dinner. Adorned in our DECA swag, the event took on a slightly formal tone as we enjoyed each other’s company, told more stories of the day, enjoyed a good meal, and did a few presentations, including recognizing our Super Bowl 100 Square Game winners (Max Q, Claire R, and Asher F.). We also took a moment to thank our chaperones.

With a handful of kids recognized at Monday evening's recognition ceremony, the anticipation and excitement grew for Tuesday to be our very own Super Tuesday! And it was! With 28 kids recognized on stage Tuesday night and roughly a dozen automatically qualifying for the national championships (ICDC in Anaheim, CA), CAVS DECA showed up and showed out! Whether individual, team, or project-based events, hardly a moment went by without the beloved sound of “and from Blanchet Catholic….” ringing in our ears and our kids running for the stage while their classmates roared in support! But two special recognitions were particularly noteworthy.

Blanchet's Max Quintero won a statewide competition to design a new logo for Oregon DECA! Competing against hundreds of kids from across the state and a handful of finalists, the 1,200-plus students in attendance gave their input on all the designs during the vendor fair that occurred during SCDC, and Max’s design was chosen as the champion! The Oregon ICDC contingent will use his design and head to Anaheim in late April for the national championships. Oregon DECA matters in the future! What an accomplishment!

Additionally, Blanchet senior Tanveer Singh signed off as President of Oregon DECA at the closing ceremony with an incredibly impressive speech, his two-year tenure as Oregon DECA President coming to a close. As usual, Tanveer handled it with his well-mannered grace and charm. We are proud of the reputation he built for himself and Blanchet Catholic along the way. He has been nothing short of an impeccable ambassador and stately representative for Oregon and BCS!

In closing, we want to thank our parents for supporting their student’s participation in DECA. From learning interview skills to strengthening their public speaking, critical thinking, creativity, and teamwork abilities, all the kids take home with them an incredible experience and life skills that will serve them well forever.

And finally, a huge thank you to our DECA Officers team (Emily Barnett, Holden Prine, Max Quintero, Tanveer Singh, Brooklyn Ries, Grace Weber, Joe Beyer, Franchesca Ruiz Romero, and Josh Mosar (along with their families) for all the behind the scenes work they do to ensure a well organized, positive experience, for all of our students in DECA. They are nothing short of incredible!

Written by Club Advisor: Mr. Mark Risen

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2/22/24 - By Mark Risen

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Blanchet DECA Excels at 2023 State Conference

February 27, 2023
By Toni Nanneman

Blanchet's DECA mission statement is “to give all members the ability to grow in an honest and challenging environment.”  DECA is primarily a co-curricular activity where students learn to conduct marketing research projects, promotion plans, and start-up businesses, and encounter realistic workplace challenges.  The experience-based activities require students to use both basic and higher academic skills such as writing, math, economics, social science, communication, presentation, research, and data analysis.

The pinnacle of Oregon DECA is the State Career Development Conference (SCDC).  Nearly 1,000 students from all over Oregon attend to compete for an opportunity to advance to the International Career Development Conference (ICDC).  Aside from competition, this three-day conference includes many networking opportunities, leadership sessions, and a chance to create lasting friendships among chapter members.

Reaching a membership milestone this year with 72 Cavaliers in Blanchet's DECA chapter, the students underwent a season of practices and a district competition held at Blanchet to prepare them for the state competition. Blanchet then took our largest contingent ever, over 49 students, to the 3-day DECA SCDC conference in Portland.  At the state championships, six of our students earned guaranteed spots at ICDC; they are Tanveer Singh, Nhi Huynh, Paola Diaz-Hermosillo, Holden Prine, Max Quintero, and Koren Ickes-Amend.  Blanchet's Community Outreach Project, The Open Minded Project, led by Paola, Tanveer, and Nhi, earned a first-place spot that will take them to ICDC!  Holden Prine and Max QUintero also stood atop the podium with their business development project for a total of five Cavalier state champions at this year's SCDC!

More honors were also earned as twenty Cavaliers finished in the top 10 in the state of Oregon in their respective competitions, ten Cavaliers placed 4th through 8th in their events and were honored with a medal, and thirty-eight placed in the top 25 competitors for their event(s) at SCDC!  Over twenty Blanchet students placed in multiple events and eight new Cavalier DECA members placed in their principle (novice) events!

Additionally, thirteen Cavaliers qualified for nationals and will attend ICDC from April 21 to 26 in Orlando, Florida.  The Cavalier contingent to Florida includes Elisabeth Fromwiller, Abby Webber, Holden Prine, Max Quintero, Claire Raffensperger, Raquelle Hendrix, Ben Alley, Nhi Huynh, Carter Mucken, Tanveer Singh, Brooklyn Ries, Grace Weber, and Koren Ickes-Amend.

We are also very proud to announce that Blanchet junior, Tanveer Singh, was re-elected as Oregon DECA"s President for 2023-2024.  Oregon DECA officers are elected by their peers at SCDC and represent Oregon's membership.  The State Officer team develops a program of work aligned to the strategic goals of DECA.    Throughout the year, the team interacts with the membership to implement and enhance DECA programs. Congratulations to Tanveer as he represents Blanchet and the DECA community in this role!

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2/27/23 - By Toni Nanneman

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12/1/22 - By Megan Johnston

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11/22/22 - By Megan Johnston

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9/7/22 - By Toni Nanneman

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A Passion for Sport

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6/30/22 - By Jaclyn Becker

25th Annual Benefit Auction A Success!

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5/26/22 - By Toni Nanneman


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Club Spotlight: DECA

April 28, 2020
By Eileen Virden

Small Chapter, Big Results


What is DECA?

DECA is an international nonprofit organization for students studying marketing, management, and entrepreneurship in secondary schools. DECA is endorsed by the US Department of Education and chartered through state departments of education. 

DECA is primarily a co-curricular activity where students conduct marketing research projects, promotion plans, start-up businesses, and encounter realistic workplace challenges. The experience-based activities require students to use both basic and higher academic skills such as writing, math, economics, social science, communication, presentation, research, and data analysis. 

DECA is a fun way to take what is learned across all classroom subjects and put it to practical use. Students first learn the basics of business attire, handshakes, and etiquette. From there they can choose from a broad range of competitive categories based on their interests. Most beginners compete in business case study role plays, where they are given a real-life business problem and must come up with a plan of action that they present to a judge. Other advanced projects require months of research and preparation to complete before the State competition, which is at the end of February every year. Finally, DECA is an opportunity for students to network with others from all over Oregon at the State level, and around the world at the International level. Blanchet has had an active chapter since 2006. 

2020 DECA State Career Development Conference (SCDC):

This February, Blanchet brought 29 students to SCDC. To be eligible to attend the conference, students must prepare by taking practice tests and business case study role plays. These practices paid off with multiple awards on stage at the Grand Awards session. Members Lila Bray and Brooke Foresee will continue on to compete at the International Career Development Conference (ICDC), held in Nashville April 29 - May 2. 

Update: ICDC has been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we are sure to see some of these students as qualifiers next year.

SCDC Results:

Lila Bray (10), Ripley Carson (10) & Brooke Foresee (10) - 3rd place written business operations research project

Lauren Kennedy (11) - 4th place overall finalist - business case study and exam, Apparel & Accessories Marketing

Abby Weber (9) - 4th place overall finalist - business case study and exam, Principles of Hospitality & Tourism

Sienna Abbott (11) - 4th place overall finalist - business case study and exam, Quick Serve Management

Brooke Foresee (10) - 2nd place in business case study #2, Human Resources Management

Ellie Fromwiller (9) - 2nd place in business case study #2, Restaurant & Food Service Management

James Moore (12) - 3rd place in business case study #2, Sports & Entertainment Marketing

Other notable results include: Sam Schindler (10) - 11th place overall, Business Finance; James Moore (12) - 11th place overall, Retail Merchandising; Max Hoskins (10) - 6th place in business case study, Hotel & Lodging Management; Aliya Suri (11) - 5th place in business case study, Retail Merchandising; Emma Snawder (11) - 10th place in business case study, Retail Merchandising; Randy Gilland (11) - 8th place in exam; and Kayla Greenwood (11) - 7th place in exam.