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2/27/23 - By Toni Nanneman

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12/1/22 - By Megan Johnston

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11/22/22 - By Megan Johnston

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Blanchet blood drive NHS service
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9/7/22 - By Toni Nanneman

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A Passion for Sport

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6/30/22 - By Jaclyn Becker

25th Annual Benefit Auction A Success!

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5/26/22 - By Toni Nanneman


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Teacher Recognized by City of Salem

April 07, 2021
By Megan Johnston

Middle school teacher Sherrie Bashaw was selected to receive the City of Salem’s Youth Achievement Award from Salem Mayor Chuck Bennett and the Salem City Council. The award recognized Sherrie’s volunteer service with the 1000 Soles/Shoe Battle of the Schools Shoe Drive. Sherrie was honored during the November 23, 2020 City Council meeting when they hosted an award ceremony for local volunteers. She and one of her students were personally presented the award from Mayor Bennett.

Sherrie and her Leadership classes have worked tirelessly to help local homeless youth find shoes through 1000 Soles/Shoe Battle of the Schools Shoe Drive. Over the past three years, the Blanchet Catholic School community has brought in over 2,700 pairs of shoes for the organization.   Also over the past three years, Blanchet Catholic School has won the Shoe Battle of the Schools trophy.
Laurie Shaw Casarez, the Youth Development and Prevention Coordinator with the City of Salem, said this about Blanchet Catholic School’s impact on local homeless youth, “Thank you in a huge way for your heart to help your peers in this community. Particularly kids who just need a decent pair of shoes on their feet every year. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You inspire me.”


What to Expect on Your Shadow Visit

January 29, 2020
By Tori Hittner

If you’ve scheduled a day to visit Blanchet and shadow a current student, we hope you’re excited! We understand there can also be some nerves involved, too. Because preparation helps with anticipation, we’ve outlined what you can expect on your scheduled shadow visit.


When you arrive on campus, check in with Mrs. Anglemier at the front reception desk. Mrs. Johnston (Director of Admissions), Mr. Smith (Principal), or Mr. Weber (President) will be there to greet and welcome you. First period begins at 8:35 a.m., so make you sure arrive with plenty of time to get settled and fill out a little paperwork before the first bell rings!

Meet Your Student Ambassador

Mrs. Johnston, Mr. Smith, or Mr. Weber will introduce you to the student you’ll be shadowing for the day. Our student ambassadors volunteer for these positions and are often very involved in the school community—rest assured that you’ll be in great hands! You will stay with your assigned ambassador and their friends for the duration of the visit. Feel free to ask them any questions about their Blanchet experience as you go through the day.

Some parents choose to stay after drop-off for their own tour of the school. Mrs. Johnston is happy to arrange this for any families who ask. 

Attend Classes

Shadow visits can last for a full or half day. If you’re in middle school, a typical student’s schedule may look something like this: 

8:35 - 9:22          1st Period: Math

9:27 - 10:14        2nd Period: English

10:14 - 10:24      --Break--

10:24 - 11:11     3rd Period: Science

11:16 - 12:03     4th Period: Elective

12:03 - 12:33     --Lunch--

12:38 - 1:25       5th Period: Social Studies

1:30 - 2:17         6th Period: Religion

2:22 - 3:10         7th Period: P.E.

If you’re shadowing a high school student, schedules vary quite a bit depending on the grade of the student and the electives they choose. Most high schoolers, however, have the following classes in a day: Math, English, Science, History/Social Studies, and Religion. 

Your visit will include a free hot lunch; even if you choose to bring your own, you will receive a $5 ticket to purchase anything you’d like in the cafeteria during break or lunch. The mid-high students eat their lunch in the Mid-High Commons, while the high schoolers take their lunch in the Lee Student Center. Your student ambassador will stay with you through lunch, so there’s no need to navigate the halls on your own during breaks!

Finish Your Day

At the end of the day, you’ll return to the lobby to meet your parents, check out, and receive a swag bag of Blanchet gear. There will also be an administrator available to answer any questions you may still have. 

We hope you’re excited about your visit and look forward to introducing you to our Blanchet community!